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Natural 3-D Bottom: Mid-Atlantic Bight


Our Mission

Join Captain Monty Hawkins aboard The Party Boat that Fishes Like a Private Charter! There's always plenty of room at the rail for all anglers! Each Reservation has a well-marked and numbered place at the rail that YOU can choose from when booking.

Captain Monty specializes in precision fishing of the natural, shipwreck and artificial reefs off the coast of Maryland. Sea bass, easily one of the tastiest fish in the sea, are targeted in late Spring and early Fall - sometimes in late January and February too.

Summer flounder, aka "fluke," mix with sea bass on the reefs in July and August--even into the Fall. Other reef species are targeted in their time too. Winter tautog trips are a specialty wuith several state records being set, while blueline/golden tilefish trips are occasionally scheduled as well. Special and winter trips are always announced in Capt. Monty's fish report. (Sign up for Monty's email list or check his fish report page!)

So everyone has lots of room, the Morning Star sells out at 25 anglers or less. Tautog trips sell out at 16 or fewer so anglers can move around to the bite. Tile trips have far fewer still.

Come see what a difference thirty-three years experience, 100% effort, and lots of room at the rail can make in your fishing day!

Always be a half hour early.
The Morning Star Always Leaves Early--except when someone shows up right on time.
Passengers arriving late will see the west end of an east-bound boat.

Your Ticket in no way includes fishing coordinates. Phones set to GPS and handheld units will be and have been float tested. They don't float!

No Electric Reels for Any Trip - including Tile Trips. Lots of other boats allow them: have fun!

No More Crowded Rails!
The Finest Bottom Fishing with Ocean City's
Most Dedicated Party Boat Crew!

Reserve Your Favorite Fishing Spot Today!

For Ticket Prices See Most Recent Fish Report
Pricing Is Announced Via Latest Fish Report

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443-235-5577 from 8am to 8pm
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Each ticket includes an exclusive rail assignment
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