Buy your ticket
and choose your rail assignment
in advance:

NEW Reservation Line 443-235-5577 from 8am to 8pm

Request your favorite spot on the rail:
If it's available, you can book it for the day!
The Morning Star fishes nearly year-round out of the
Ocean City Fishing Center in West Ocean City, Maryland.
Slip B-2 12940 Inlet Isle Lane | Ocean City, MD 21842
Call today to book your favorite fishing spot on the day of your choice!

What You Need to Know to Go:
20 to 50 lb. Bottom Fishing tackle with micro-braid line recommended.
Trolling gear not advised.
Bring your own cooler and ice. 48 coolers work best.
You would not buy fish that wasn't iced.
No Galley - Pack your lunch/beverages!

Rent our tackle if needed; it's of the highest quality! (Seriously).
Rental Rods are Graphite Composite with Shimano High-Speed Reels loaded with Micro-Brain Line and include All Rigs, All Day for $7.00

No Electric Reels! - Not Even on Deep-Drop Tile Trips
Leave your GPS at home.
Phones set to GPS and any hand-held GPS units found on board will be and have been float-tested:
They don't float...
We Count and Measure! All fisheries regulations will be observed.

Always be a half hour early.
The Morning Star Always Leaves Early--
except when someone shows up right on time.

Passengers arriving late will see the west end of an east-bound boat.
Fast Facts About
The Morning Star

* 55' foot fiberglass party boat
* Always plenty of room at the rail for each angler!
* Powered by 6-71 Turbo Detroit Diesels
* Equipped with the finest electronics
* Annually Coast Guard inspected